Fluid and Process Technology


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Manufacturing Capacity

Manufacturing Capacity

XJJR has advanced production equipment, electronic assembly: 12 SMT production lines, 8 THT production lines, 9 United States UP2000 automatic screen printing machine , 3 British DEK semi automatic screen printing machine , 21SIEMENS high-speed placement machine, 8 reflow soldering, 3 United States AOI on line detection instrument , 1 optical detector, 1 three-dimensional tester , 2 Germany wave soldering, 2 Wuxi wave soldering station etc.

have the production capacity of 30 sets of DC transmission valve cooling equipment (including phase modifier)

have the test capacity of DC transmission valve coolingequipment at the same time (including phase modifier)

have the capacity of pure water cooling for ±800kV、±660kV、±500kVthe converter valve

Have the experience of a number of key state DC transmission demonstration projects