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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer 3 people

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the system design of technical schemes, cost verification tables and other bidding materials related to new projects or technical transformation projects.

2. Responsible for the system design and data archiving of new projects or technical transformation projects. Responsible for checking the professional design documents or design drawings related to the system.

3. Responsible for external technical liaison and joint design work during the implementation of the project.

4. Cooperate with the completion of technical support for the installation and commissioning of engineering products in the factory, and deal with the technical problems related to the system during the commissioning process.

5. Responsible for the on-site technical guidance and technical service of the designed products.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, mechanical automation and other related majors;

2. Have a good theoretical foundation in mechanical design, and have certain practical experience in screen cabinets;

3. Proficient in commonly used mechanical design software;

4. Be able to independently engage in mechanical structure design, familiar with machining metal materials, welding and other processes and equipment;

5. Those who have been engaged in the design of non-standard machinery and equipment are preferred;

6. Experience in fluid simulation is preferred.

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