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Sales Engineer

3 sales engineers

Job Responsibilities:

1. SVG/SVC reactive power compensation equipment, high-power inverters, data centers, energy storage liquid cooling and power electronic cooling related products sales, to complete the performance indicators;

2. Actively collect potential customer information and follow up by category;

3. Collect market information of new products, and timely convey the market first-line product trends and information needs;

4. Implement and assist in optimizing the marketing plan for new products.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience in the same industry;

2. Familiar with the product sales strategy of the industry, and have experience in following up and signing the whole process of the project;

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit;

4. Working experience in well-known enterprises in the industry is preferred;

5. Thermal, environmental construction, electrical and other majors are preferred.