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Energy-saving cooling unit


Introduction of solutions

  Data center of energy consumption except IT load, cooling is accounted for as part of the largest energy consumption, reducing cooling energy consumption is of great significance, can direct and obviously reduce data center PUE value, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction effect, XJJR not only has the technique of computer room air conditioning cooling capacity, more cooling fluid in industrial control, such as cold storage refrigeration control surrounding areas has a strong technical capabilities, according to different application field, different weather conditions, provide different energy-saving product or combination of products.

Solutions features

  Indirect evaporative cooling unit

  The energy saving with the shortest cooling path is the most obvious energy saving method in the field of air cooling except the Direct fresh air cooling.Use counter-current heat exchanger to replace the cross-flow heat exchanger widely used in the industry to reduce the air temperature and expand the range of energy saving temperature.

  Fluorine pump natural cooling unit

  lXJJR fluorine pump natural cooling unit fully enclosed low-energy fluorine pump model can achieve fluorine pump model, fluorine pump & refrigeration compressor model, the compressor model of multimodal operation with the powerful control system research and development capabilities.our unique fluorine pump unit group control combination energy saving function can maximize the use of outdoor natural cold .

  Separated heat pipe unit

  Covering natural power and mechanical power type,simple and reliable control, returning air pre-cooling energy saving,all indoor loading in low temperature environment.

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