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Large Data Cooling System


With the rapid development of the Internet, cloud computing and large data industries,data center is widely used in electronic commerce, transportation, electricity, medical, government, enterprise, disaster recovery center besides traditional communication, Internet, financial industry etc.As the "blood" of data center,the cooling system of data center provides a constant temperature and humidity environment for the running server in 365/24H to ensure the safe and stable operation.It is expected that by 2020, the annual investment of Chinese large data center will reach 200 billion, and the annual investment of the data center cooling system will reach 12 billion.

The large data cooling system developed by our company has the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency and reliability

Ø Single device failure can still operate normally with the Fault tolerant dual bus;

Ø Cool the electronic components of the server to 18-27;

2. Modular design

Ø Module assembly and installation, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency;

Ø The construction of sub - batch investment is suitable for the later reconstruction and expansion;

3. Green energy saving

Ø Recyclable environmental protection materials authorized by ROHS;

Ø Using closed cold channel technology, the power saving is up to 30%-50%;

4. Advanced control

Ø Automatic fault location, alarm automatic reminding;

Ø Intelligent group control based on server dynamic heating;

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