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IDC Solutions


Application field

  In addition to the standard data center cooling products, high efficiency and energy saving products, micro module data center products, based on years of experience in data center design and application, our company provides overall data center solutions for different customer application scenarios, which are widely used in communication, Internet, financial industry, e-commerce, transportation, electric power, medical treatment, government, disaster preparedness center and other fields.

Series of products

  (1)Indoor personalized and precise solutions indoor

  Waterless room solution,high heat flux inter column end solution,high efficiency end solution of chilling water type ,dual cooling source terminal solution and others are made to realize the accurate control of temperature and humidity in the machine room, and provide a high stable and reliable operating environment for the machine room.

  (2)Outdoor cooling source efficient energy saving solutions

  According to the data room location environment water source characteristic and the machine room construction plan,air-cooling,water cooling, natural fluorine pump cooling unit and other outdoor cooling source energy efficient solutions are proposed.

  (3)High reliability solution for cycle cooling

  According to the user requirements of different machine room grades and different construction budgets, high reliability solutions of circulating cooling with different redundant configurations and different functional configurations are proposed.

  Integrated data center solutions

  Combined with user room requirements and application scenarios,provide low construction cycle, low maintenance requirements, high reliability modular data center integration data center solutions.

  Innovative energy saving solutions

  According to the requirements of different machine room levels, different energy consumption and different meteorological environment conditions,fluoride pumpnatural cooling, indirect evaporative cooling, closed cooling channel and natural cooling by fresh air solutions are proposed .

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