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Liquid cooling cabinet


Product introduction

In recent years, the growth of computing power demand has directly promoted the progress of society. With the advent of the new infrastructure era, 5g network, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet have developed rapidly. The construction and deployment of large data centers and edge data centers serving near-field data processing are bound to be accelerated. In order to make the data center safer and more green and energy-saving, in order to meet the future big data era and the demand for high density of the data center, our company's submerged liquid cooling technology is a data center transition technological innovation. On the premise of ensuring that the data center has security, high energy efficiency, high density and high reliability, the power density of single cabinet can be increased by more than 3 times, The load carrying capacity of the data center has been improved as a whole.


Product features

  Air cooled liquid cooled double space
  Strong cooling capacity
  Support high density and save space
  Cost savings
  Reduce noise
  Convenient maintenance
  Reliable high reliability
  intelligent control system
  Application scenario: 1. Medium and large data centers
  2. Medium and large enterprise data center
  3. Provincial and municipal government organs and institutions
  4. Group company data center
  5. Financial institution data center
  6. Hospitals and schools;
  7. State Grid three stations in one;
  8. Communication base station

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