Fluid and Process Technology


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FACT and Electric Drive Field

FACT and Electric Drive Field

± 800kV Xiangtan converter station 100MW SVG water cooling system
± 500kV Guanyinyan 100MW STATCOM water cooling system
Pakistan 200MW photovoltaic substation SVC water cooling system
Senjitu Wind Farm Phase II Project SVG Engineering Pure Water Cooling System
SVG water cooling system of Longyuan Mahuanggou East Wind Power Collection Station
Longyuan 130kW water-cooled equipment in Xichai Mountain, Dachaidan, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province
210kW SVG Water Cooling Project for No. 2 Leader of Liubao, Baoying County
Xinjiang Xinte 10kv reactive power compensation 1056kW water cooling system procurement project
Shenchi Wulianshan Wind Farm Phase II SVG Water Cooling Project
CGN Gulin Deyao Wind Farm 180kW Water Cooling Project
China Guangdong Nuclear Power New Energy Jiange Rattle Wind Farm Project
TBEA 240kW water cooling system
Jiangshan Chongren Xiangshan 90kW Water Cooling Procurement Project
Purchasing Project of 240kW Water Cooling System in Baihubao, Shanxi
Xuyi project 180kW water cooling equipment
Zhuzhou Tianlong Railway Electric IGBT Water Cooling System
TBEA New Energy Research Institute Wudongde Project 1MW Water Cooling System Platform Project
Transformation of production water-cooling aging platform (external cooling capacity increase)
Shenma chlor-alkali electrolytic cell rectifier pure water cooling system
Qinghai Ulan 180kW Water-cooled Main Unit Procurement Project
(Xu Ji) National Converter Valve Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd. converter valve synthesis experiment circuit
Congo Gold 60mW photovoltaic power plant SVG water cooling system
Siyuan Electric 240kW SVG water cooling system
180kW SVG water cooling system for TBEA Xuyi Project
Zhuzhou Tianlong Railway Electric Traction Converter Water Cooling System
China Shipbuilding Industry Systems Engineering Research Institute Ship High Voltage Frequency Converter Water Cooling System