Fluid and Process Technology


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FACT and Electric Drive Field

FACT and Electric Drive Field

±800kV Xiangtan HVDC Converter Station 100MW SVG water-cooling system

±500kV Guanyinyan Converter Station 100MW STATCOM water-cooling system

Pakistan 200 MW photovoltaic transformer substations SVC water-cooling system

Secondary phase of Senjitu wind-power field construction project SVG water-cooling system

East Mahuangou, Longyuan , wind power stations SVG water-cooling system

Comprehensive cooling system for National converter valve engineering test center

60MW PV transformer substation SVC water-cooling system in Congo

240kW SVG water-cooling system for Sieyuan

180kW water-cooling system for TBEA in Xuyi

Railway Electrical Driver Converter water cooling system in Tianlong, Zhuzhou

High voltage converter water cooling system for CSSC